The 50 Reasons for Hope project puts a spotlight on the people, organizations, and institutions that work every hour and every day to make Jerusalem an even better place. We present to you the leaders of civil activism who are building bridges instead of walls. We want to shed light on activities that seek to join people together and bring them closer, rather than exclude and distance them. We hope to increase the voices of those who call on all of us to look for what is similar, rather than sanctifying differences.

Join us to strengthen hope!

Video Clips

We have chosen 50 Reasons for Hope but this is only a partial list. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations and citizens working on behalf of Jerusalem. There is more work to do, but for us, a coalition of Jerusalem civil society organizations, each individual and organization that works to turn Jerusalem into a better place is a reason for hope.


Resource Center

Residents and those who love Jerusalem from afar can download a collection of digital resources including lesson plans, study sources, video and web-based photo exhibitions that can be downloaded, recorded lectures, and other sources that we hope you find useful and inspiring.  


The 50 Reasons for Hope project is a joint effort of the ‘Yerushalmit Movement ‘ and Rashut Harabim and made possible by the generous support of The Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and the Leichtag Foundation as well as other donors in Israel and around the world.